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I write because ____________.
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Can We? :iconlaughlovelivedie:laughlovelivedie 1 0 Split :iconlaughlovelivedie:laughlovelivedie 1 0 Ready :iconlaughlovelivedie:laughlovelivedie 1 0 How Far We've Come :iconlaughlovelivedie:laughlovelivedie 2 0 She Sang Us To Sleep :iconlaughlovelivedie:laughlovelivedie 2 0
The Game
At this point in our lives,
We all go fucking crazy.
Our minds start to deteriorate.
We become radioactive bodies of chemicals
Fierce in our beliefs
Slowly crumbling from the inside
Death of our innocence is a right
It’s a wall we have to cross before we can truly enter
The Kingdom of the Damned
Like a child drawn to choking hazards
Or, a moth to its electrocution execution
We are drawn to the florescent glow of drama
The stinging bite of rejection
The drowning effect of self-persecution
At this point
We enter the fool’s gold land of our predecessors
The vicious fight to the finish line that will leave our friends
Our lovers
Our companions
And confidants
Dead in a pool of our victory
Our advance into the stone hard world
Just hope it doesn’t spit you out
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So Much To Go For :iconlaughlovelivedie:laughlovelivedie 1 0 What's Out There? :iconlaughlovelivedie:laughlovelivedie 1 0
The Man in Blue
       “Dad…” Susan said taking a few tentative steps into the stark white hallway that led to the living room. She could see light pouring in through the windows on the far right wall; that was never a good sign. Her father had always hated when a room was brightly lit.  He would always say, “sun is for outside, incandescent for in.”  
       She took a few more slow and steady steps forward, afraid of what her father might present to her this time. As she rounded the corner she jumped slightly and then laughed to herself.
       “Dad, what are you wearing?” She observed, walking over to him and laying a hand on his back lightly, giving him a little squeeze.
       He jumped and looked at her curiously, “You know, I used to be able to peel one of these things in no time and in one piece too.” He gestured to the small orange fruit he held, pic
:iconlaughlovelivedie:laughlovelivedie 4 0
Proud of Me
I once was asked to say my name out loud.
It sounded soft and awkward, but was mine.
They told me to embrace it and be proud,
Told me to be just me, not another line;
An individual, so love each part.
The soft, the awkward and that hidden deep,
Because I should not change what is not tart.
I am a unique person, a black sheep.
I don’t cow down too easily, that is me.
Because I love the way I am, and I,
And I, am strong due to that fact you see?
Because I spoke my name I have this tie.
It is something to be proud of in here.
It proves that I am more than just my fear.
:iconlaughlovelivedie:laughlovelivedie 3 5
Cut Back :iconlaughlovelivedie:laughlovelivedie 3 0 Future of a Forgotten :iconlaughlovelivedie:laughlovelivedie 1 0 Which Lies Beyond :iconlaughlovelivedie:laughlovelivedie 0 0 Hidden Behind :iconlaughlovelivedie:laughlovelivedie 0 0 What's Overlooked :iconlaughlovelivedie:laughlovelivedie 2 0 Not to Be Taken :iconlaughlovelivedie:laughlovelivedie 2 0


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I would like to start by saying if you have any suggestions on how to not let trolls bother you, I would love your suggestions. Pretty please! Damsel in distress here :/ Carry on.  

Hey!!! So, it has been so freaking long since I've done anything other then go through all of my messages and basically stalked all the people I watch...that's not creepy at all :)
Anyway, I'm sorry to those that I feel like we've become some sort of friends...any of you... for not putting anything up :/ Life has just decided to through anything and everything at me :(
1.) Friendships ended, began, fell to complete rubbish...You name it, it happened... I had a really bad falling out with one girl. Though it was ultimately better for my sanity, drama is still drama and it's strenuous on the nerves.
2.) My love life (which is still a joke) fell apart. Dated a jerk, had other offers that got complicated....high school's a bitch is basically what I'm taking from that.
3.) New band director :( I loved the previous one, but the newbie has some really cool ideas and I'm looking forward to this year!!! 
4.) (THE BIG ONE) It's a bit personal, but eh...what the hey?!?! This year has been a pain in the rear because I've done a lot of "questioning". It's been something that's really weighed heavily on my mind this whole year, and I really haven't been able to shake it...Um, I do get that I'm only a teenager and I really don't have to make these decisions now, but that really doesn't mean I don't think about it constantly... :/ So, shemur.
Lastly, I've been frustrated because I haven't really been able to be a "photographer" much this year. I A.) haven't had the time and B.) haven't had the models. I was, though, asked to work a few times. I did another wedding, a kids party, and I was asked to work as the photographer for a few church events. I guess it's better that nothing and my name is getting out there :) People are actually taking me seriously xD.

I think I covered everything I was planning on covering...thank you for caring enough to read this far, I love you! I really do! <3 Feel free to comment (please) Interaction is, like, the best thing ever. I guess that could sound really sad, but it just proves I am so a kid born to the age of technology and social media interaction... Any who, Ciao!!! :heart: 


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Hey Lee
Artist | Student | Photography
United States
It's really hard to explain someone that you feel detached from, or that you really can't say you know anymore. It's like describing the atmosphere in Paris, the comradery of the Olympic games, the joy of becoming a parent, the scared as fuck feeling you get when your about to die without being there or having experienced any of them. So, I can't explain myself or describe my personality to you without having known myself, without the biased opinion I hold of myself...good or bad...whichever you seek



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